about me

FRANCESCA VALENTINA PARTESI born in Milan 1981. She lived in Kenya for many years. She firstly studied Art Director to then discover her photography passion thanks of a workshop in Cuba.

She started with portraits and showed her photos in different exhibitions.

She worked for fashion-business in Italy, France, England and Asia. In the 2011 Francesca opened in Milan the Photo-gallery Byline Photo.


April 2017 – Exhibition for Milan Design Week to Dag-Gioielli in Via Marghera Milan
April 2014 – Exhibition for Milan Design Week to Mortarotti in Via Manzoni Milan
April 2011 – Permanent “Table in Art” to Ricci to Milano
July 2010 – Collective exhibition “Jump, just a usual metropolitan pop” to the ex movie theater
May 2010 – Collective exhibition “Festa del Dialogo” presso the theaterFilodrammatici in Milan
December 2009 – Collective exhibition “Luci e Ombre” to the gallery Spazio Taccori in Milan
May 2009 – Collective exhibition “In-Side vs On-Side” to the gallery Spazio Toccarni in Milan
December 2008 – Exhibition to the Biennale to Malindi “2BIMA” Kenya
June 2007 – Charity auction “HIV law project ” to the gallery Moto Hasson New York
April 2007 – Collective exhibition for present the Art Magazine Clandestino to the space 24B in Milan.
Marzo 2007 – Permanent exhibition to the Noon in Milano
December 2006 – Exhibicion to the Biennale to Malindi “1BIMA” Kenya
June 2005 – Winner of advertising contest Lancia y, Fiat
March 2005 – Collective exhibition “With your world” to the Posteria in Milan
December 2004 – Collective exhibition “Musica” to the space Soul to Soul in Milan
April 2002 – Personal exhibition to the space Bulk in M


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